How does this website support itself?

This website is entirely supported by its members. We don’t sell your data. If you are a local business then please consider supporting us with a banner. They don’t cost much, but they keep the servers running.

Why is there so little privacy on this site?

This is a professional publishing platform, and published materials are, by definition, public. Your user profile, however, is hidden and only visible to logged-in top-level users.

How do I find my profile page?

Either click on your avatar in the top right corner, or go to the MY area and select .

How do I become a verified local?

Check your profile page, click and find out where your local codeword is posted in town. After you’ve discovered it, type it in and you're verified - we know you're local. You can now post more types of content.

How do I become a certified local?

You either need to be invited by another top-level user, or prove to the editor you live locally by sending them a picture of a utility bill with your name and address. Or you can pay us 6p with a credit card with a local postcode.

How do I invite someone else to join?

If you are a logged in user then just click on in the top left corner. People you invite will be created at the same user level as yourself.

How do we report inappropriate usage?

When you are logged in, you will see a small red ‘R’ beside every published item. To report an item just click on this red ‘R’ and follow the instructions.

Why do I have to use my real name?

This site is your community online. So, just as in daily life, or when you meet someone for the first time, please use your real name or you risk being removed from the site.

What if I am known locally by my nickname?

If you are known locally to everybody by your nickname, put it as your first name and use your real surname.

What about tourists and people visiting town?

They can see most of the published materials, just not the directory of certified locals, and certain groups.

How about if I grew up in town and moved away but want to join?

Contact the editor and they should be able to set you up.

What if people misuse the site?

This site is a bit like the high street. Anyone can report issues at any time. People who post inappropriate material will find that they cannot add further content. Uploaders of illegal materials will be reported to the police.

What if people write annoying stuff in the chat area?

You can block people whose posts you don’t like by clicking on the “…” after their name. Once they are blocked you will no longer see any posts from them. People who get regularly blocked by more than a few people are like to be barred from posting on the site.

My news article did not get accepted. What did I do wrong?

The chances are you probably repeatedly breached our writing code. Check the journalistic tips on the news upload page. Read the IMPRESS code [the-impress-standards-code.pdf]. Read some newspaper articles and try again.

Can I unpublish something once I've published it?

Yes you can. You have full control over your uploaded materials, your news, events, notices, art and chat items.

How do I buy and sell stuff on the site?

If you are selling goods and services using the noticeboard then you will pay people in the normal way when you meet. The same if you are selling paintings or pots.

Do you take a cut for sales?

In most cases, no we don't. In the case of larger art sales we may email you and request a donation.

Why can't I select everyone in town and send them a bulk message?

We discourage spamming, even to your friends. Use Facebook for this kind of froth.

I love this site. How can I help it thrive?

By adding news and events, by uploading your creative output, by telling eveyone about it, finding editors for other towns, and by supporting it with a banner.

What is the philosophy of this site?

This is a local community publishing platform. We think the internet has done 'global' brilliantly, but has missed out 'local'. By offering local communities powerful publishing and connectivity tools, we are aiming to help empower them to greater cohesion and online thriving.

How can we recommend improvements?

If you have ideas and suggestions about how to make this website even better then we definitely want to hear from you. Please email the office at

Who is behind this website?

Originally designed and developed by Wooden Books Ltd, it is now owned and operated by EEIO Ltd, a UK company based in Glastonbury, Somerset.

I'm not from this town. Can I run this software where I live?

Maybe. Drop us an email at